Madhya Pradesh oranges in demand

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Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh may not be an ‘orange state’ but the orange grown here is in much demand in various parts of the country. In year 2009-10 Madhya Pradesh produced 5.81 lakh orange. The major orange producing areas of the state include Chhindwara, Pandhurna, Betul, Multai, Shajapur, Bhensdehi, Kesala, Bhopal (Berasia), Narsinghgarh, Garoth Bhanpur, Suwasara, Mandsaur and Neemuch. Last year Narsinghgarh in Rajgarh district also produced orange worth about Rs 13 crore. The Karond Mandi in Bhopal also has a wholesale market of orange worth Rs 9 crore.
Interestingly, 60 percent of the orange that passes for ‘Nagpuri’ is produced in Madhya Pradesh. Similarly, it is in great demand at Bhawani Mandi in Rajsthan. The Horticulture department of Madhya Pradesh offers a number of facilities to orange growers that have resulted in doubling of the area under orange cultivation. In year 2005, the acreage under orange cultivation was 16 thousand 929 hectare which rose to 32,030 hectare in year 2009-10. The orange production has also increased from 2.47 lakh tonne to 5.38 lakh tonne during the period. This year the target of orange production is 6.84 lakh in 38,380 hectare.
Madhya Pradesh grows Mandrin variety of orange. It has loose skin but is juicy and sweet. It is for these qualities that it is a preferred choice of orange lovers. Orange growers are offered grant at the rate of Rs 15,900 per hectare. In the first year 60 per cent of the grant is provided to the grower and in next two years 20 percent each is offered to them, respectively. In year 2010-11 the grant was provided to 6,257 orange growers. In year 2009-10 a total of 5,484 farmers got it while in year 2008-09 5,632 received the grant. In year 2007-08 the number of farmers receiving the grant was 4,011. A total sum of Rs 22.65 crore has been given to these farmers as grant. Besides, initiative has been taken to provide the facility of grading, waxing and packing of orange. This would add to shelf-live of orange and the growers would get better returns. This facility has already been put in place in Shajapur, Mandsaur, Chhindwara and Betul. A corridor has also been developed from Nagpur to Chhittorgarh.

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