Dr Kalam launches Atal Jyoti Abhiyan

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Bhopal: Former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has hoped that Madhya Pradesh will become a model state for entire country. Dr Kalam was launching ambitious scheme of 24-hour power supply in Bhopal district under Atal Jyoti Abhiyan here today. Addressing a grand function held on the occasion, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that he will make Madhya Pradesh most important state in the country and world by providing employment to all, water to every field and supplying power for 24-hours. Under the campaign, all the villages in the district will get 24x7 power supply. Bhopal is the seventh district in the state to get facility of 24-hour power supply under Atal Jyoti Abhiyan.
Describing supply of power for 24 hours to non-agriculture consumers and 8 hours to agriculture consumers under Atal Jyoti Abhiyan as a great achievement, former President Dr Kalam congratulated Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the State Government. He said that availability of power creates possibility of manpower generation. He said that every citizen of Madhya Pradesh will be empowered with implementation of scheme for making the state power-surplus by the year 2014.
Referring to importance of energy in development and prosperity of human society, Dr Kalam said that energy conservation is the best way of energy generation. For this, social awareness is necessary. He said that power distribution losses are quite high in some states. Energy consumption can be reduced by upto 50 percent. Lauding the initiative for empowering people through availability of energy, Dr Kalam said that all the people will get the chance to earn livelihood. He said that Madhya Pradesh’s efforts for energy generation, distribution and marketing are unique experiences.
Referring to distribution capacity, the former President said that power transmission and distribution should be with minimum losses. Stressing the need to increase transmission capacity as per global standards, power losses and demand should also be brought down. He lauded outstanding performance of Madhya Pradesh in the spheres of power transmission and distribution.
Regarding energy conservation, Dr Kalam said that buildings should be constructed through eco-friendly modern technology for reducing power consumption. He said that every citizen should be provided energy security. For this, energy generation should be environment friendly. Houses run on solar energy should be constructed. He said that India has about 200 million houses of which 60 million houses do not have access to electricity. For this, it is necessary in the national policy. Solar panels should be installed in housing units. About 50,000 to 60,000 MW energy will be generated through solar panel-based houses and streetlights, which will be useful for various fields of economy.
Referring to concept of PURA for rural prosperity, the former President said that PURA can be a mission for Madhya Pradesh since the state is rich in there major resources including energy, water and youth power. The mission will bring people over poverty line.
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that it has been resolved to make Madhya Pradesh the most prosperous state of the country through creative manipulation of rural youth power. A network of small industries will be laid in rural Madhya Pradesh. In it, 24-hour power supply will play an important role. Chouhan said that no hike has been effected in power tariff in Madhya Pradesh at a time when all other states are increasing it. Amidst uproar of cheers, he said that power tariff in the state will be reduced by 5 percent next year. Madhya Pradesh will be the first state to reduce power tariff.
He said that people call me ‘merchant of dreams’. Accepting this, Chouhan said that he dreams for integrated development of the state and also works towards their fulfillment dedicatedly. As a result, Madhya Pradesh is the pioneer state in the country now with 10.02 percent growth rate. Agriculture grow

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