DCB bank launches two branches in MP

By   Admin posted on    May 31, 2013 06:47:00 PM

Bhopal: DCB Bank on Thursday launched its new branches at Mandideep (Goharganj sub-district of Raisen) and Gadarwara (Narsinghpur district) in Madhya Pradesh. Murali M Natrajan, Managing Director and CEO, DCB Bank inaugurated the Bank’s new branches. Over the last two years DCB Bank has renewed the focus on Savings and Current Accounts (CASA), fixed deposits, AIB (Agri and Inclusive Banking), SME and mid-Corporate. Through the new branches in Madhya Pradesh, DCB Bank aims to provide its range of banking services primarily focused on farming and agribusiness.
While talking to media persons at the launch, Murali M Natrajan, Managing Director and CEO of the DCB Bank, said, “We have performed well in FY 2012-13. DCB Bank is expanding presence in Tier 2 to Tier 6 villages and towns with new branches. The branches at Mandideep and Gadarwara will bring new banking products such as tractor loan, loan against gold jewellery, warehouse construction loan, financing against warehouse receipts, crop and land development loan to farmers and working capital loan for agribusiness and micro and small & medium enterprises.”
Narendranath Mishra, Head Agri and Inclusive Banking, DCB Bank said the DCB Bank follows a cluster model to reach out to customers. Mandideep and Gadarwara branches along with the two existing branches at Itarsi and Pipariya are an important cluster that serves agriculture, industrial, small businesses and individual customers. DCB Bank aims to grow the customer base with a range of banking products and services to farmers and also reach out to micro-SME and SME segments.

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