Rs 850 cr for Ladli Laxmi scheme

By   Admin posted on    August 17, 2013 10:27:00 PM

Bhopal: Maximum budget amounting to Rs 850 crore has been allocated this year for Ladli Laxmi Yojana implemented in the state since year 2007. This budgetary allocation is Rs 100 crore more than last year. Budget of only Rs 26 crore was allocated in the first year of the scheme 2007-08. The budget continued to be increased gradually in following years due to which the scheme attained constant success and popularity. Since launch till date, 14.93 lakh girls have been benefited under the scheme. In year 2008-09, State Government increased its budget to Rs 134.99 crore with addition of Rs 108.99 crore in the budget. Its budget was increased to Rs 250.36 crore with further addition of Rs 115.37 crore in year 2009. With people adopting the scheme more and more, budget was fixed at Rs 323.46 crore in year 2010-11. During year 2011-12, Rs 694 crore was spent on the scheme.
In view of rising popularity of Ladli Laxmi Yojana in rural areas, State Government allocated Rs 750 crore in its budget for year 2012-13. During current fiscal, Rs 850 crore has been provisioned, which is Rs 100 crore more than last year.
For Ladli Laxmi Yojana’s successful implementation, State Government has also created 559 posts in regular pay scale. The scheme has been covered under Public Service Delivery Guarantee Scheme. Its eligible beneficiary’s case is sanctioned within 30 days. A sum of Rs 2872.81 crore has been spent on the scheme’s implementation since its inaugural year till March 2013. With addition of Rs 850 crore provisioned in this year’s budget, total Rs 3028.81 crore will be spent on the scheme till March, 2014, which will be a new record in the interest of girls.

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