Advance registration of farmers

By   Admin posted on    September 29, 2011 10:22:00 PM

Bhopal: Taking pains for selling food grains on support price will now become a thing of past in the state. Farmers producing wheat, paddy and coarse cereal are going to experience this truth in the next procurement season. Advance registration of farmers for this purpose will commence from October 2 in the entire state. Prescribed proformas of farmers' registration have been sent to all the districts. For advance registration, a farmer has to reach only the concerning Kisan Nagrik Suvidha Kendra or a kiosk of MP Online. The farmer carrying his Loan Book and bank passbook, he himself or people around the centres can fill up information in the prescribed proforma. Since the registration process will be undertaken by the staff, therefore, illiteracy on the part of farmer is not going to put any hurdle in registration process.
After registration, the farmers will not have to face any difficulty in their respective areas during the procurement period. Sitting at homes, they will get information through SMS about when they have to reach which mandi or procurement centre with their produce. Another benefit is that no person from outside the state can now sell his produce on support price in the garb of a farmer of Madhya Pradesh. This will be possible since all the information about registered farmers of Madhya Pradesh will be available and only they will be eligible to sell their produce on support price and get bonus given by Madhya Pradesh government.

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